Use the Quick Reference table provided below to address common issues when installing a multi-display system. Also check our Getting Started and Frequently Asked Question pages.


My multiDisplays are not working correctly.   Ensure you've installed the latest compatible graphic card driver; contact your video card manufacturer; and update using the correct driver.
Install lastest drivers while in administration mode, check with your system administrator(s).
When installing a new driver(s) ensure that the old drivers have been completely removed from your system (occasionally older drivers can corrupt the newer drivers)
Familiarize yourself with the revised driver(s) as video card manufacturers often add/revise video card functionalities.
My multiDisplays work intermittently.   Ensure that your computer BIOS and chipset drivers are up-to-date. (occsionally a new video card(s) require you to update your system setup) Contact your computer manufacturer & inquire if your system requires an update.
Once the massmultiples™ are installed, I receive no image on one or more displays.   Make sure all cables are securely attached.
Check power to monitors.
Check video connection from computer to monitors.
Use known working monitor to check for signal.
Verify that the video card(s) is seated correctly.
Re-install graphic card driver.
Power-off monitors, & re-seat connectors.
Re-boot the computer.
Display panel viewing order is incorrect.   Use graphic card driver software/utilities (provided by your graphic card manufacturer) to re-tile monitor arrangement or manage desktop.
Install the latest graphic card driver(s).
Display colors do not appear clear.   Check color settings within the O/S controls.
Ensure all cable connectors are seated correctly.
Verify cables & connector pins are not damaged.
Displays will not stay in a fixed position.  

Make sure the mechanincal mounting plates are fastened properly and ensure they're not damaged.
Refer to your massmultiples™ User's Manual on how to adjust the 'ball joint'; refer to 'Using The Quick Release'.

Displays appear to have identical images.  

Adjust video card tile settings to appropriate environment/mode. (i.e. DualView, Span, Vertical etc...) Refer to your multi-screen graphic card user's manual.

My massmultiples™ are having problems with hibernate/sleep mode  

Reset monitors to escape the 'Energy Saving Feature' mode.
Power off monitors, wait 30 seconds and re-seat video connectors.
(work around) Display Properties > Screen Saver > 'Energy Saving Feature' click on Power > Power Schemes tab > 'Turn off monitor' set to 'Never'.
Re-boot the computer.

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