What is the difference between digital and analog LCDs?

Typically DVI (digital) enables higher performance. DVI allows you for higher resolution digital displays. DVI addresses the issues of replacing legacy analog technology, such as VGA. This enhances users' visual experience over analog LCDs or analog CRTs.


What are some of the uses of Multi Display System?

Here are some of the possibilities:

Desktop Publishing/Editing: If you're editing word processing document frequently or combining two documents into one, you can utilize the second monitor as a place to keep the original(s) in view, so you can access them quickly.

Internet/Email: a user can keep an e-mail program open on a second monitor at all times.

Research: If you're researching from the web or any other resource, move the research items or the launch pages to the second monitor for continuous reference.

Data Analysis: If the user performing a "what-if" analysis with a spreadsheet, place a copy of the original on the second monitor so that you can see the changes easily.

System monitoring: If you need to monitor your computer or network, keep the monitoring tools on the second display for easy access as you work.

Illustration/Photo Editing: In illustration or photo editing software, keep your illustration/photo on the main screen and the controls and tools on the extra screen.

CAD, CAID, CAM, CAE, 3D Modeling/Graphics: If your job requires working with graphic in fine details, expand it across the two monitors to avoid scrolling and resizing.

These are just some of the uses for multiple monitors; however, the possibilities are endless.

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Will I have two "Start" buttons (Windows™) in the multi-display environment?

No, multi-display simply extends your Windows™ desktop across multiple monitors (dual, triple, quad, etc). Typically, it doesn't create separate individual desktops.

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What is MASS' Return policy?

To return merchandise, you must obtain an RMA number. Please call the MASS customer service department and provide the invoice number, item description, and serial number(s) of the merchandise you wish to return. Returned merchandise must be placed in original packaging, and may include product manuals and other accessories. No MASS product will be accepted for repair without a RMA number.

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