massmultiples™ TESTIMONIALS

"...great looking product!"

"I would be interested in the 3 screen horizontal configuration and would be setting it up as an online trading (stock) station."

 Bob Harder, Major Canadian Bank, British Columbia


"…thank you for your contribution in making our 'Official Web Site Launch' an enormous success."

"The professionalism of all your associates, together with the innovative products that you provided us was without a doubt of highest caliber."

"Your highly integrated display system enabled to transcend our motto "Where fashion meets technology". With your superior customer service and the on-site support you provided, it was easy for us to decide on purchasing high tech monitors for all our showrooms and communication desks."

"Again, our sincere appreciation for making this event a highly successful one."

 Allan ClarkVice President Retail, Fashion Industry


"I am very impressed with the technology that you are offering."

"...indeed it does increase my productivity. As a software engineer I require as much desktop space as possible so that I can run the multiple applications concurrently that I require to work effectively."

 Craig Walkerr, Senior Developer, New Zealand<


"...I think your product is awesome!"

"I represent RgB Digital Animation, based in Sydney, Australia. We're mainly in the Film and TV business; producing high-end 3D animations."

 Adrian KingAnimator, Australia


"… Wow I love your Quad set up. I am currently trying to find someone to setup a suitable computer system for me for day trading and would like to consider your monitor set up."

Jennifer Hadrevi, Trader


"I've been searching for the very products you offer. Damn fine looking stuff too! I work for a custom software design firm and I know of at least 6 of the developers there that would kill for a 2, 3, or 4 LCD setup!"

Tim Saberi, Developer


"... that site has some awesome monitors series ... The quad setup and the triple pyramid .. NICE."

"That Quad monitor thing from the MASS EDI page reminds me of those monitors from SWORDFISH."

"I run dual head LCD at the moment, Its great. Three would be better. But be careful - you need to do some good thinking about on-screen 'desktop' utilization."

TechIMO Forum Member, multiDisplay Enthusiast


"For those days when you're thinking to yourself, 'Y'know, one monitor just doesn't cut it any more... Check out the MASS Multiples web site. Now you can hook up two, three, four or more LCD screens to your PC! Custom configurations, small footprint ..."

"I actually saw their quad system last week -- it looks really, really good -- quality work."

"MASS Multiples ship as a complete solution: No need to find, purchase and assemble proprietary mounting arms, discreet LCD monitors, video cards and special driver software from various vendors to arrive at a solution."

Slashdot Forum Member, multiDisplay Enthusiast


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